Life is hard, but very beautiful. Sometimes, people only focus at their problems until they forgot to be grateful with what they had. I found this quote “If you never thank God after every smile, then why do you blame Him for every tear”?  Yes, we couldn’t blame Him for every tear that run down our face when we feel sad or when we face a very big problem until we think that death is the only solution. Think back, did we ever make Him feel satisfied with what we did every single day? Remember, good deeds are so important in Islam. Treat everyone with kindness because being kind makes you happier. Trust me. Speak well about other people, be POSITIVE by saying nice things about other people. Avoid from gossiping because gossiping only will make your heart full with hatred, dirtiness. Always ask forgiveness from God. Do it while you still get the opportunity to breath in this world. Make your parents proud and happy then you will be happy too.  Parents are God’s greatest gift. Remember that. So, enjoy your beautiful life , always keep calm & don’t forget to say ALHAMDULILLAH.

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